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Hillside College

"Deeds not words"



Our vision statement is our inspiration, it is the framework for our strategic planning as it pronounces our dreams and hopes for the future. Our vision serves as a guide for attaining our mid-term to long-term goals by directing Hillside’s focus to our desired future. Our vision therefore reads

“ To be a leading Accademic Institution by providing high-quality short-term, high impact and customized training that meets local, regional and international workforce needs in the 21st century.”


Our mission reflects Hillside College’s fundamental purpose for existence. It answers the question, ‘Why does our College exist?’ Hence it explains the college’s purpose to our students, staff, stakeholders and the general public. It spells out what we do every day, as a result our Mission reads

“To provide citizens with competencies that lead to in-demand, sustainable employment opportunities.”

Core Values

Our values are the key ideas and principles that people within our organisation and our partners believe are important. They sum up why we do what we do – our purpose – and how we go about our work – our approach. Hillside College has adopted five corporate values which serve as guiding principles around its corporate culture, employee behaviour and how actions are governed and shaped. These values are as follows:






Pursuant to our vision and mission, the summary of Hillside College’s strategic objectives includes the following:

  1. To expand sources of revenue
  2. To improve quality of programmes
  3. To introduce new programmes through partnership with international reputable institutions
  4. To strengthen financial control, transparency and accountability
  5. To improve human resources
  6. To upgrade management information system