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HIV/AIDS Management


Since the initial identification of HIV and AIDS, the world has made significant advancements in this area: from developing medication which can limit/reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS to creating awareness and social acceptability of those effected. Education, health practices and cultural awareness are just some of the key elements which make up the management of HIV/AIDS, and these new ABMA qualifications provide learners with a rounded understanding of the background of the subject as well as the knowledge of current and future needs in order to be effective in the sector.

The content provides the latest thinking on HIV and AIDS management and will enable our learners to positively impact the wider sector and help contribute to the continuing advancements being made.

Level 4 Diploma Level 5 Diploma Level 6 Diploma
Overview of HIV, AIDS and AIDS-related Illnesses HIV Through the Lifespan The Global Context of HIV and AIDS Management
Infection Control and Conditions Related to HIV and AIDS Communities and HIV, AIDS and AIDS-related Illnesses HIV and AIDS Management in Africa
Prevention and Treatment of HIV, AIDS and AIDS-related Illnesses Leadership and Management Leadership and Management
Impact of Politics, Attitudes, Values and Beliefs on HIV Projects EHIV-related Counselling, Health Promotion and Health Education Managing Innovative HIV and AIDS Projects
Introduction to Management and Leadership Skills Key Issues in HIV and AIDS Management Future Directions for HIV and AIDS Management